Delay Review


Premature ejaculation is one of the top sexual problems suffered by men all over the world but until recently was never talked about. The development of the herbal formula that makes up Delay is a breakthrough herbal solution that will support normal sexual function and ejaculation. The Delay product has been derived to give the many thoudands of sufferers of this problem the chance to lead a normal sex life..


Delay Review

 Premature ejaculation is suffered by thousands of men throughout the world; in fact surveys results put it at over 30% of men who ejaculate within the first 2 minutes of intercourse. In severe cases men can ejaculate as soon as they enter the vagina, or even before. This is crippling for a man’s confidence and can have a significant negative impact on a relationship. PE can be the cause of depression in men and an unsatisfactory sex life can be the downfall of the strongest relationship.

Chemicals in your body are released by sexual excitement, and flow into the bloodstream. Normally they are released at a slow pace, and increase as sexual excitement increases. In PE sufferers the body accelerates the flow of hormones into the body inducing an ejaculation much too quickly. Delay supports normal sexual function, by acting on the hypothalamatic sensors of the brain that regulate sexual excitement. By lowering the hyper activity of the sexual sensors to normal levels, Delay helps you to prolong the penetration time and gives you total control over when you cum.

By taking this supplement, you won’t desensitize or reduce any sexual pleasure; in fact usually your pleasure during sex and finally reaching climax will be greatly enhanced.

Delay Review

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 Advantage of Delay :

  1. Increases the sexual intercourse duration
  2. Provides you the real pleasure of climax
  3. Acts locally on the sex organs.
  4. No side effects
  5. No embarrassing doctors’ visits required
  6. No prescription needed

Limitations of Delay:

  1. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


You don’t need to suffer premature ejaculation any longer. Try Delay to naturally support your normal body’s function, get control of your sex life, and become a satisfied and satisfying lover. For your sake, and that of your partners get Delay today, and don’t wait any longer. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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Customers Reviews – Satisfied Customer’s Testimonials


Your product Delay does exactly what I hoped it would. I am very happy with the results that I have experienced since taking your product and would highly recommend it to other men, who want to improve their performance and combat premature ejaculation.

– Mark

Before I started using your product, my stamina in the bedroom was pathetic. Your pills have caused vast improvements, and I now have complete control over how long I wish to last.

– Simon

Delay is a fantastic product that has helped me become a man that’s desired by women. Now I no longer need to suffer the embarrassment of it being over and done with, after just a few pumps.

– Matt

Now im enjoying the best sex of my life. Delay really does do what you say, and I commend all the doctors and scientists involved in formulating this amazing product.

– Carl


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