Prostofine Review



Prostofine is a scientificly engineered formula that has been designed to counteract the signs of an aged prostate gland. It has been blended with high dose saw palmetto extract and important herbs to provide optimal prostate health. Its specifically formulated for men over the age of 60 to support normal urinary and prostate function.

 Prostofine Review

Prostofine – Best Natural Supplement for Prostate Health

Prostofine is an ayurvedic supplement geared towards treating the problem of an enlarged prostate in men (women do not have a prostate gland). In recent past this product has gained in immense popularity mainly due to the lack of any side effects and quick healing properties it possesses. In this article let us find out more about Prostofine and see if it is really free of any side effects and check out its efficacy rate.

Prostate health supplement Prostofine is a carefully formulated remedy with high dose saw palmetto extract and important herbs to provide optimal prostate health. Its specifically a treatment for a swollen prostate gland, or benign prostatic hyper- trophy (BPH). That plagues one out of every two men over the age of 60.


Prostofine Review

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An enlarged prostate is increasingly becoming a very big concern amongst men specifically in America where it is becoming as common as the common cold. This condition is largely afflicting men in the age group of above 40 years.

Prostofine is made up of herbs like saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds and stinging nettle. All these herbs have been traditionally used for thousands of year to shrink an enlarged prostate. Saw palmetto is a herb which is used all over the world to treat enlarged prostate problems and it is especially popular in Asia and Europe

Prostofine is based on the ayurvedic system of medicine and is made from 100% natural herbs hence it is free from any type of adverse side effects if taken according to the prescribed dosage.

Prostofine contains only the finest botanical extracts like:

Prostofine consists of 3 essential ingredients Saw palmetto extract, Stinging Nettle and Pumpkin Seed.

Advantage of Prostofine:

-High energy source
-Helps to maintain normal blood pressure
-Fortifies DNA and RNA structures and helps cellular regeneration
-No side effects

Limitations of Prostofine:

-Not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration
-Not affiliated in any way with ABC, CNN, Wall Street Journal, University of Florida
-Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


Prostofine is known to be a thoroughly designed medicine with high dosage extract of saw palmetto and useful herbs to provide excellent condition of prostate.

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